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Landau top Top

Durable Convertible Tops

JMB Upholstery installs original-style aftermarket convertible tops, but we may not install a top which you supplied depending on the manufacturer. We deal directly with several reputable companies that supply us with warranties. Something that you supply would have no warranty through us, may not be up-to-par with quality, and may not represent our work at its best.


On the rare occasion a top cannot be purchased for your automobile, we are equipped and able to hand-make a new replacement ourselves.

Long-lasting landau tops

Each landau top is different as to how it was originally installed from the manufacturer. Most have companies from which we can purchase the top and install it.

Undivided attention to your top

Get one-on-one attention from JMB. Call about our tops or visit our interiors, headliners, or specialty services pages.

Call about your top.


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