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Interior Upholstery

Attractive Custom Interiors

Custom interiors are the main specialty of JMB Upholstery. We love different, yet clean and refined. A full, custom interior is like working with a blank canvas. If you can imagine it, we will make it happen. Custom is king!


Make the vehicle your own, not like everyone else’s. We strive for the "WOW!" factor. An awesome exterior deserves an awesome interior. There is nothing like a completed vehicle inside and out. We can fabricate everything we put in our interiors from the arm rests, to seat assemblies, to full-length consoles that stretch from the dash to the package tray. Every vehicle gets our best, yet yours will not be like the rest. Full stereo systems can also be done. Anything interiors is what we do.

Original interiors

Although custom interiors are our “thing” we also do a lot of original interiors. We have access to most original materials for your classic vehicle. Originals are usually basic and limited to what was offered from the manufacturer, but we can reproduce the interior ourselves with another non-factory color with the original look if so desired.

Handsome leather seats

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We strive for the

"WOW!" factor!

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Enjoy a long-lasting and comfortable leather seat for your vehicle. Call us to discuss your options.

Interior Upholstery