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Headliner Headliner

Conventional Headliners

JMB Upholstery wants you to know that a conventional headliner repair is not as simple as re-gluing the material to the shell, because it will not stay. The foam backer has dry rotted and is falling apart and will continue to do so. The shell must be removed, the material must be completely stripped from the shell, and new material must be installed.

Old-school headliners

Old-school headliners are usually glued in with the bows. This is not a job for a beginner. We will make sure there are no wrinkles and that your headliner is tightly secured.

One-piece custom headliners

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One-piece custom headliners are one-off creations and each is done differently. This way, however, is best done in custom interiors allowing the design work in the vehicle to be added to the ceiling as well. Your custom headliner will look great, but the task is very time consuming.