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Upholstery FAQs

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Can you give me an idea on price?

Every job is different. There are dozens of factors that come into play when giving an estimate. Seeing the vehicle or job in person is the only way to give an accurate price. Asking for a ballpark estimate isn't fair to the upholsterer or the customer. Material costs are usually the biggest factor along with how custom and detailed you want to make the work.

How long will you need the vehicle?

We are proud of our two decades of commercial and residential experience.

Call us with your question.


Do you just want it done or do you want it done right? Rushing usually ends badly, although having a planned tentative completion date is best for both parties. Every job is different and each one has its own time table. We are not in the business of storing vehicles, the longer the vehicle is in our shop, the less time that it is out being seen by others. Your vehicle will not be held for ransom.

How do we get on your calendar?

A deposit is what secures your spot on our shop calendar. The amount of the deposit will be determined based on the size of the job. The date agreed upon for arrival is important and if missed could delay the completion date of your vehicle. All deposits are non-refundable for that is what is used to purchase required materials for your job. These will be there when the vehicle arrives so that there is no time lost waiting for materials.